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When your family life is in flux, and "butterflies in the stomach" is not flit, but want to remain in a state of eternal love, when the body runs a sweet shiver from the very thought of a loved one, do not look for love on the side. Read novels about love, passion worry along with the characters works. Rest assured, after reading you look at your second half a completely different eyes. This is an amazing gift of books, allowing to experience all kinds of emotions, which we so lacking in everyday life. By reading books, we dive into another world, in another era, another soul. In just a few days we are living someone else's life, with all its problems, dangers, passions. While reading the book, we introduce our brains in some confusion, and he believes that everything described is happening to us actually. Therefore, if love is not enough - read about love. When you want an extreme - read about the adventures. Do you want to develop analytical skills, read detective and investigate the intricate offense with Poirot or Sherlock Holmes. Books allow us to live that kind of life, which we like. And when we turn to the last page with the satisfaction from reading, we look at the world as if it was created especially for us.

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